Our vision is to unite services under one roof, which form a meaningful whole and cover the field of risk management both in the legal field

as an economic field. Such an approach provides a more optimal, cost-effective and customer-friendly solution,

which aims at a comprehensively solved problem, as we look at it from several perspectives.

We see credit reports and receivables management in Bonsis as one stick with two ends. Buyer with credit report

obtains first or new information about its business partner. On the other hand, with a recovery and mediation service

we offer a service that solves the ultimate problem of business cooperation.


Just as regulated finances are important for a company, a regulated legal area is also important,

which includes quality contracts, both those on business cooperation and those

concerning staffing issues.

We are locally present in

debt collection

In the field of debt collection, we offer approaches and methods of work that customers recognize as high quality, up-to-date and professional.

We participate in the international network of receivable management agencies and monitor trends that are emerging in Europe, which is considered an example of good practice on a global scale.

credit reports

We produce credit reports that differ from others on the market in that they contain more information and are processed by analysts, not logarithms.

The credit rating and limit set in this way are more accurate and give the client better information about his potential risk.

risk management

Risks are a part of every business, so we have prepared products for you that are meaningfully related to risks in the field of law.

We advise and assist you in drawing up documents and managing procedures in the case of contract, labor and enforcement law.



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Bosnia & Herzegovina 15 % 1 dan/ € 40 3 dni/ €30 5 dni/€ 20

Northern Macedonia 20 % 1 dan/ € 50 3 dni/ €40 5 dni/€ 30

Roania 15 % 1 dan/ € 40 3 dni/ €30 5 dni/€ 20

Bolgaria 15 % 1 dan/ € 40 3 dni/ €30 5 dni/€ 20

Italy 15 % 1 dan/ € 40 3 dni/ €30 5 dni/€ 20

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